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From: Hony Secretary General <hsg@ima-india.org>
Date: Thu, Apr 5, 2018 at 6:01 PM
Subject: for your comments
To: K K Aggarwal <emedinews@gmail.com>


Dear KK Sir,

I am forwarding to you an email, as under,  received from Dr. P.C. Patel along with the comments of Dr. Santanu Sen on the same.

The same is being sent for your comments.



Dr Ravi Wankhedkar

National President 


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Date: Sun, Apr 1, 2018 at 7:21 PM
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Respected Leaders of IMA,

Most unfortunately we have been receiving this type of mail attached herewith.

First I received it few months back from one member of IMA whom I don't know & I really ignored.  

But again I received the same from another one.

 Then came to know that it has been received by many others personally & many State Branches as well.

I personall believe it is very unhealthy for IMA & it should be clarified soon as when someone has really served IMA honestly & sincerely, then after his term is over, he should not be put at the gun point by raising certain issues & I think he should be given sufficient scope with honour  to oppose this type of approach & after listening to the actual facts we must take strong steps against such false aligators.

So please give due importance to this issue. 

Pl do the needful so that the prestige of the chair & self respect of a Leader  is maintained.

Moreover, it must not be taken casually as it has involved the name of our Leader of the Leaders of IMA, Dr.Ketan Dessai, whom we respect & follow in every step.




Dr Santanu Sen.

MP(Rajya Sabha)

St Secy, IMA Bengal

Jt Finance Secy(HQ).


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From: P C PATEL <pcpatel930@gmail.com>

Date: 27/03/2018 17:44 (GMT+05:30)

To: ketandesai@drketandesai.com, ketanalka@yahoo.co.in, raviwankhedkar@gmail.com, vinayaggar@yahoo.com, drsudiptoroy@aol.com, drarulrhaj@gmail.com, drvijayakumark@gmail.com, drnsaini@yahoo.co.in, M Abbas <drabbas.odisha@gmail.com>, drajaypatna@rediffmail.com, drajaygambhir@yahoo.com, shantanu_sen2007@yahoo.com, kakalisen.123@gmail.com, tnramen@yahoo.co.in, drvkmonga@yahoo.com



Respected  National Leader / CWC Member

Esteemed Members of our Prestigious IMA, about which we are proud of, have some questions in their minds regarding certain activities taken place during the Presidentship of Immediate Past President, who always seemed to be very Spiritual, Honest & a Role Model in his words.

Members, who make Leaders, need clarifications of the followings :

(1) Who or what is EMEDINEXUS? Which CWC or CC Meeting resolved to sell the most valuable database of the entire Membership of IMA to them? What is the amount IMA incurred by selling it? Where is that money gone? What other advantages received by IMA from this?

(2) Who or what is LYBRATE? How IMA is related to it? Which CWC/CC Meeting approved this relationship? Heard that family members of that so called self claimed IDOL of IMA are partners of this company …… is it so?? What financial & other benefits received by IMA from weekly Webcast?

(3) What is the exact financial terms & conditions of SMS & IMA Petition signing?

(4) Which Publication House was dealing with IMA Publications? Who is the owner? Heard that our so called Spiritual Immediate Past President….. is it right? Which CWC/CC approved it? What is the total financial dealing with our IMA? How IMA was benefitted?

(5) It is being heard that the Travel Agent who provides all the Tickets to IMA is also his relative….. is it right??

(6) Whose organization is HEART CARE FOUNDATION? Which CWC/CC Meeting approved joint functioning of IMA, Heart Care Foundation & OMARON (a BP Apparatus Company)?

(7) Which CWC/CC Meeting has approved combined functioning of IMA, HCF & MEDANTA?

(8) Members need clarification about the MOU (if it is at all there) between IMA & JOHNSON & JOHNSON. How the entire amount of 2.5 Crs in 2 years has been spent or utilized in functioning?

(9) Who Inter Ministerial Committee was formed witdrawing the CWC decision of Strike? How or whether it finally helped IMA?

(10)             Crores of Rupees where collected from States & other sources for DILLI CHALO. Where is the Accounts?

(11)             Which CWC/CC Meeting approved Renting out a portion of IMA HQ to others? What is the financial dealing?

(12)             Why members have been kept in darkness regarding JIMA? Learnt that due to long gap of  3 years, JIMA faced problems when restarted printing as the regular Advertisers disassociated,  it was in February, when Budgets of all the Pharma Houses were exhausted, no HFC given, Postal Department refused to give postage facilities, Central Government projects were withdrawn, Nirman Bhavan told that IMA HQ requested to give the projects to HQ Publications & not to JIMA & many others. Members witnessed the Employership attitudes of Immediate Past President in regularly shouting at their colleagues of JIMA in several Meetings? Members want to know what cooperation he rendered to JIMA to make it viable once again. Is it really true that at the back of the mind of that HONEST Leader there was a strong intention of taking JIMA to his own Publication House?

(13)             What steps have been taken to make other Publications of IMA, eg, Apka Swasthya, Your Health viable?

(14)             What special attentions were given to several wings of WMA by him?

(15)             Why our Leader of the Leaders, Immediate Past President of WMA, Dr Ketan Desai has been embarrassed by him several times directly or indirectly for many reasons.

(16)             Which CWC/CC Meeting  approved the decision of putting personal photograph of that SPIRITUAL Leader in several Advertisements published in Times of India & Hindustan Times?

(17)             So far we remember, in his first Presidental  Speech, immediately after taking over, he told he would not take a single Rupee from IMA for his travel expenses? Has it been maintained?

(18)             When he was HSG, he used to speak in the Meetings keeping the President almost as silent spectator. When he became National President, he did the same keeping the HSG silent. Is IMA Constitution permitting so? Does Constitution give power to PERSON instead of Chair?

(19)             Was he trying to make our beloved Association a ownership Company?

 Members expect immediate replies to these questions as otherwise they will become interest less in doing IMA, which will be very much detrimental for our Organisation.

 Moreover if we can shout against the unconstitutional Tirumala Trust openly to establish Transparency, then why not against so many irregularities?

 So, Members demand thorough discussions on these issues in the fourth coming CWC Meeting at Gujarat.


Activists of IMA