Dear Dr Aggarwal  and friends

I am not a functionary or office bearer of IMA and this is an appreciation is ‘straight from the heart’.

Years ago I was travelling with Dr. Agarwal on a flight to Delhi. He was not on the national scene at that time.  He started talking about his ideas and I thought that here is a man with good ideas but 'can he really implement anyone of them'.   I wished him all the best and soon forgot about the same.  For the last 1 year, as part of the google group I was amazed at the kind of activities organised, spearheaded and led by him in the IMA on issues which are so important and relevant. His spirited defence of medical profession on the TV channels and correctly identifying the system failure is commendable. After all we are the victims and blamed from both sides.

 Without knowing him personally, I can only say that here is someone who has taken his role as a leader seriously and contributed tremendously to the cause of the medical profession in India.

I am sure what he has started will continue to get stronger and IMA will continue many of the initiatives.

Dr Jagannath

Chairman, Dept. of Surgical Oncology