The fast evolving hi-tech world has disturbed the body, the mind and the environment. It seems people have no time either for relaxation or introspection. The need for self-analysis, control over the self, and shedding ignorance and practicing the spiritual principles is what is required for perfect health.

Meditation is the primary need for self-realization, which would keep the necessary evils like anger, greed and lust away. Meditation is the best medium to conduct a dialogue with the inner self. And if you do it in routine, you get into the habit of soul-searching and introspecting your deeds which in turn help you in becoming a better human being.

You can meditate any time throughout the day but doing it early in the morning helps you in healing your spirit. Once your spirit gets healed, every organ that sends messages to brain is healed and once all the organs are healed you can fight with any kind of situation by understanding them properly. In short, meditation done in the morning keeps your mind and body fresh.

By meditating, you develop a strong bond with the nature which helps you to relax physically, mentally and spiritually. And all these efforts of yours can keep you away from diseases and they will begin by controlling the anger, the root cause of heart attack; fear, which propagates high blood pressure; and greed, which includes heart failure.

So, develop an intimate relationship with the nature and heal your spirits. Begin this roller-coaster ride from now onwards.

Dr KK Aggarwal